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Exit letter to my GM (3/4)

•The downward spiral

Management was cut; we lost some of the last few leaders that kept the store from crumbling. I’ll agree that most of the layoffs were good decisions on your part, but there were a few questionable employees kept on board. Amy Adams is one of the most condescending, arrogant and pretentious members of management in this building. I’ve spent enough time on the floor to hear and to see the lack of respect she shows to those around her, both customers and employees. Jennifer Jones is straight out of a big box store where every employee is just a number on paper. I thought we were a “family based company”? You preach it all the time like it still means something, but it means nothing; not anymore at least. Neither Amy or Jennifer will ever give you the why behind something or help you to become a better outfitter. It’s just why or why isn’t this done. You won’t hear a thank you or a compliment given. They are in it for self and for self only. Neither has tried to develop or teach anyone since they’ve been here. Neither have the capability to lead a store or their team. That’s why a large majority of your employees hate their job and that’s partly why turnover is abysmal. Outfitters are not allowed to grow anymore; their wings are clipped as soon as they walk through the door. Growth is no longer an option. The lack of communication, the horrific unorganization (from ad-sets to offsites) is the worst I have ever seen. Where is the training for new Outfitters? They’re just thrown into the fire and you expect the veterans and Leads to “show them the ropes”. That doesn’t happen overnight and your unrealistic expectations are exhausting. When should I train these outfitters? I’m now a pricing, signage, warehouse and most recently an inventory outfitter, so I show them what I can in the few extra minutes I can spare in a typical day (the majority of my team and myself are constantly working freight), but every other breathing second should be devoted to Club, correct? I find it hard to believe you don’t see these issues, there’s no way you don’t, but not once have you ever addressed it in a Lead meeting and anytime someone comes to you with an idea or complaint all you ever give are excuses. You choose to turn a blind eye toward it because it’s easier. Your lack of leadership has failed every single person in this building. You can’t see it from your office and no one is brave enough to bring it up in the town hall meetings, but you have no idea just how defeated your “Team” is (and by “Team” I mean the few people that keep this store running because no matter how much evidence you have against a particular outfitter, it seems to be impossible to terminate anyone for not doing their job). Half of the staff is simply dead weight that you refuse to get rid of. It’s mind boggling to me. I understand that a lot of this is due to policy, but a fair share is due to yourself and the lack of management support. You use up the people that truly care about the company, that show up and break their back until they have nothing left, while the outfitters like John Adams, Cynthia Canton and Jacob Jackson get away with murder. I suppose the latter is understandable; he can go take several shots of liquor in his car, employees can complain about the alcohol on his breath, he can confess to stealing, but he excels at Club so you sweep it under the rug. Club is the number one priority and it is absolutely sickening how low you will stoop to keep an above average performer on the payroll. He’ll leave his department empty, causing unneeded hardship on everyone else around him and he’s praised for it! As long as he’s getting Club cards you truly do not care. You have one manager that is keeping this train wreck intact, and that person is Frank. Frank is the only member of management you have left that anyone in this store trusts and feels that they can depend on. He’ll do whatever he can to help an Outfitter as long as they do the same for him. Once he gets tired of the insurmountable expectations, unrealistic goals, the constant pressure placed upon him and the overall lack of support, he will leave. I promise you when that day comes you will truly see the fall of this building because at this point he is your foundation, your only viable leader, and without him you will crash and burn

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