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What is the opposite of TRANSPARENT? Would that be DISINGENUOUS?

It isn’t surprising that the Intrado president/CEO is doing what he was hired to do—make as much money as possible in as short amount of time as possible for investors. Telling the employees that C-level didn’t get raises last year is NOT transparent unless you also tell us that they DID get bonuses and promotions, other perks and better benefits than the rest of us. I don't feel sorry for Management because they “make the hard decisions” on RIFs. Maybe they should acknowledge and appreciate those that are left who are bridging the gap after the RIFs. We all understand the inevitable but don’t insult us by acting like we can’t see through the smoke. I am proud of the smart, hard-working employees across all divisions of Intrado. We have the power to maintain our dignity and work ethic even though we see right through them. The band played on …

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