Thread regarding Gannett Co. Inc. layoffs

Big Layoffs at Gannett, Gatehouse

Wall street reacted violently to the proposed merger details of New Media Investment Group (Gatehouse Chain) and Gannett. Stocks in both companies were punished, with investors feeling New Media Investment stockholders were getting the short end of the stick.

Whether the merger finally goes through, it will mean far fewer jobs with both companies either
way. Consolidation continues in press rooms, with several newspapers in Florida no longer printing
their own newspapers—Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Tallahassee and others. It's getting to be a graveyard.
Don't blame the newspaper companies themselves—how many of us use Craigslist and other on-line sites that have helped to destroy traditional newspapers?

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I work for one of Gannett newspaper Holdings and it is a nightmare. They have destroyed the paper and initiated many changes that were supposed to streamline procedures instead they add layers of more work. For each function that used to take one step now takes 10. Most of the new systems they have introduced crash constantly and do not communicate with one another well when they are working. Training is laughable. No one knows what they're doing at any level of the organization. News organizations are a Dying Breed but Gannett is hastening its demise with their misguided ideas. Although layoffs are a frightening thing those affected don't know how lucky they are to have gotten out as those that remain are truly the ones suffering . Upperlevel management and employees are jumping ship left and right and the remaining employees with their long time knowledge of the industry are the only things keeping the company afloat.

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