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What does GE Power do these days?

I am trying to figure out what the organizational structure of GE Power is these days?? I see info on building substations and distribution systems, a few equipment orders but I am not sure what our value add is? Are we just project managers these days. Just wondering. And why do we have all these Old Alstom shops when we could get by with half as many factories based on current and near future work loads? When will we make the decisions to consolidate our factories? And are we in the Energy Storage business? If so what is our value add? And what happened to all these Digital products that we can only seem to sell to other GE sites?? Like Brilliant Factory and Predix??

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looks like GE is finally offloading all the legacy Alstom machines (and support) to one of Jack's Indian buddies, apparently all legacy works in the Middle East are handled by a third party operator already.
With little or no InHouse support, the Alstom business is officially over I guess.
GE have picked the cherries and thrown away the rest -lets see how this works out.

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interesting question re digital? is sales mgmt. capable - that would seem to be an obvious question

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The gentleman was asking about how much value GE is adding for many of the power projects which appear to be just purchase resale activities which don't make much money in the end but have a lot of risk if something goes wrong.

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Wow, please go to before wasting your time on this site with ignorance.
Power sells Hardware, Software. Storage solutions are being designed, deployed. EPC to small upgrades/uprates, the business is busy!
If your head has been in the sand, that’s your own fault because there have been multiple multiple distributions, all hands meetings, and general info released internally and externally talking about the structure.

Also see this recent news to catch yourself up on things.

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