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Microsoft FY20

Are there going to be any layoffs in FY 2020?

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Had a dream Google and Microsoft announced a merger (via changing their tickers to cute matching ones that had half of each other's name). Not sure what regulator in the known universe would approve such a thing but I definitely need to stop eating right before bedtime.

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So, only two months’ of severance to look for a new job internally? No more additional two weeks for every year of service?

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A few PMs were rif’d in azure networking for the crime of having the wrong title reporting to the wrong manager. A few were actually doing good work too. It was a headcount/pcn harvest. Really nice

They got the package mentioned above

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To survive:

  • Get solid, discrete, obtainable goals locked down in your Core Priorities.
  • Every time someone sends a thank you email, send them a feedback request.
  • Listen to feedback in your Connects and actually take it to heart.
  • Look very hard at the job responsibilities at 63 in hrweb and demonstrate that at 62.
  • Get to know your skip (your boss' boss).
  • Make friends in other departments.
  • If there's a RIF (layoff), you'll get 2 months with pay to scramble for a new job as an internal transfer, but you'll only have email for a week, so you'll want a strong network of other employees doing the search for you.
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Was there a recent corporate layoff at Microsoft?
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