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Harris is the worst

The merger has only benefited the top executives here with L3, yet in the new company... there are 3 or 4 leadership members that made it to the new leadership team, which is disappointing since L3 is the larger and more established and has better technology and products.

The team in Melbourne is a joke. Literally, they hire people with so many degrees and no experience and start by brainwashing them into a culture of fear and it’s like a caste system.

Some of our teams refer to them as hillbillies of Florida because if it’s not in Melbourne, Florida then it must not exist. They are raping and pillaging the comp programs, vacation, benefits plans and making them lesser. Even retailing the 401K to have no match for a year... oh and don’t forget they’re taking away bonuses and if you still get one, they will cut it in half.

I’ve been in so many meetings and am not impressed by any of the people I’ve met. It’s like Stepford wives, but with employees. They’re frightened of their CEO and if you’re not a VP, don’t dare speak to one. They have no diversity in their programs and all the systems are older than dirt... think 1990’s...

The lucky ones are getting packages.

Should be interesting to watch from a distance over the next 2 years.... they’re taking bets now that Bill won’t step down and let Chris take the reigns...

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