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South Students Take Note ( there's still time)

Can I drop a class the first week?
Dropping or withdrawing can usually affect your tuition only if you do it in the first two weeks of a fall or spring semester. If you drop below full time and do so before the end of the second week of the semester, you will be charged only for the hours you are registered for after that deadline.

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Thanks for your post, the rest of us get it! For your individual situation, it may be a good idea to reach out to the ombudsman

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I believe that your text can be boiled down to the statement that says 'The point is students take the advice given to them as fact."
So what lesson have you learned? And what have you done to help the students make informed decisions? Do you really refer students to the SU online 100% catalogue for unbiased information so they can make momentous well informed life altering financial decisions?
Not once have you mentioned the, cut to the chase, site and this glaring omission is troubling.
So who are you? And what's with the illogical comparisons and and half baked fallacies? Quit the faux intrapsychic hypotheses about students we know have zero critical thinking skills and are prone to believe that the South shysters have their best interests at heart. They are sitting ducks and that's the way the Academic autodialers like them. Many are sad, trusting and pathetic first time players who are cake to manipulate and super easy to defraud. So how do you help them?
I do not know you personally nor do I know how much of a 'sunk investment', in your case in personal time, not money, you may have in attending the Fraudaversity. I do understand that you are attending through a tuition reimbursement benefit supplied by your employer. The only thing that thrills the Academic Misnomers more than the 'bank' employee tuition reimbursement tap is the 'thank you for your service' 100% cash on the barrelhead Veteran. You see it's all gravy to the soulless with no accountability required from those s—ers who write the checks to prove that their money is well spent, and proves it isn't.
So tell the students with no critical thinking skills to go to the site to help them make informed decisions. Tell the Academic jokers to tell them too. I bet you won't and they don't. That's why I alway tell them to-'see for yourself.' Do you?

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The point is students take the advice given to them as fact. If they were to use your suggestion, would it cost them more in the long run? Military students for example have restrictions which may or may not benefit from your advice above. I read these posts in hopes that my situation will soon be resolved If my school closed or if I am able to finish my degree, but I’ve often been given information from other students that found incorrect advice, suggestions, and informations on certain sites only to be let down. I understand you’re trying to help students, but the research must in the end be verified on our own. I learned my lesson after signing up for classes, but many students haven’t and false information spreads without any verification because they heard it from someone that heard it from someone else.

Arguing about students being scammed won’t help anyone if students don’t do the research because it just means their trust has been transferred to yet another person without any knowledge that it’s accurate. It makes your word worth no more than those you’re complaining about.

I understand you’re trying to help, but constant attacks and giving advice without having any awareness of the situation each of us face isn’t the way to do it. Instead, encourage students to look into what is best for them if a class is dropped or how it will affect status, financial penalties, and whatever else could be affected. i’d be refused tuition reimbursement from my job if I waited a week vs dropping a class during the first week of courses.

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As in your target audience with the post...

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@10GRlY5a-4wby (Updated Stats from as of 5/19 as follows)
South University-Savannah Online
Savannah, GA
4,045 undergraduates
Annual Cost
3% <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Not Good...........Very Bad.
Salary After
So who might be targeting who?

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@10gr1y5a-4Zzzz 100 percent, the catalog is on the website, examine your individual funding situation. It seems OP is targeting current students, examine using university and external resources. Student success and financial aid get paid the same either way.

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Go ahead and give them options. Fill them in. That's fine. If you want to help them save money in the long, short or middle run that's great too. But let's be honest with one another. Helping students save money was never and never will be something that the so called Academic Representatives or anyone else at South are there to do. Therefore the intention of my text, while not as in-depth and option filled as the ARs give neophyte students in student loan money matters, was to warn students not to attend South and to cancel the deal as soon as possible and find a school that is not being run by suits in New York City who see these schools and its students as a mere transactional means to their own despicable financial ends. Unfortunately, for most the damage has been done. Fortunately, the kind of student trashing South is infamous for, along with its rapacious business model, has thankfully always had a built-in default self destruct typical all businesses that traffic in short sightedness and a quick buck, money for nothing mentality.

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For any students reading this, please look into your options as outlined with the school, lending institutions, the VA, etc. when adding/withdrawing from a course.

If OP is trying to help students, please don’t give them advice as if it is fact. Looking into options rather than stating it as fact doesn’t help if it is incorrect. Your advice could cost some of them even more money in the long run if they don’t look into how it will affect their individual situation.

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