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Former HPE Employee Mass Exodus

It's been rumored that after the 2nd half of the sign-on bonus was paid out, there would be significant voluntary resignations/retirements from the former HPE workforce. Now that I believe all US regions have reached their year mark, has that come to pass?

My area has had 5 resignations over the past year, none of which were backfilled, but only 1 resignation was after the bonus payout. We've had a couple of people laid off on top of that, leaving us with about half the workforce we had before this debacle was originally announced. What's everyone else seeing out there?

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@3Tnxj+10HF1R3i I'm the OP and said my farewell to Unisys just before Coronavirus started to impact the job.

What you're saying makes total sense. I was on the break/fix side, but flew to Denver twice and Alaska once to help out those areas. I have no idea how they expect to make money flying everyone around rather than hiring local workers. While in Denver, we had an IMAC project where people from Arizona, California, Virginia, and other places flew in for a weekend of work that ended up only lasting 8 hours.

Denver lost all their former HPE people. I've been told Florida has as well and Phoenix, AZ is slim. Locally, Philly is down to 3 HPE heads - 1 DHS and 2 residents, no former break/fix guys remain. We had a guy helping from DC but his team is now short. We've helped Pittsburgh out because they had a guy retire.

It wouldn't surprise me if there are no HPE guys left after the 2 or 3-year mark.

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In the northeast, particularly the ny metro area, we had 6 local folks in the install group prior to the outsource announcement . Upon the announcement, one person retired on our last day at HPE, one found another job, and the third stayed at HPE due to his clearance and job scope. Of the 3 of us left, one found another job elsewhere before the year was up, and i left for a civil service job 4 months after receiving the bonus. That leaves 1 local guy, and the folks in new england, pennsylvania, and delaware, must travel in every day to cover the workload. Concurrently, they are asked to fly all over the countey to cover other areas' work, as most areas are short of staff. Everyone that left for another job makes much more money, has a better job overall, and would never think of returning, as unisys, at least in my experience of working for 5 companies over the course of 32 years, is the worst IT employer ever. I will leave it at that, so as not to vent, but to inform. They have just recently(this week) cut their field technicians hours back to 32 hours, with the rationalization of saving jobs. Meanwhile, they have already laid off field technicians in other departments.

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