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More gone today!

Won't hear about this on the local news (or any news). Those who are gone need to start going to the press and exposing it all.

supposedly they aren't even giving you your vacation time left or anything. I have heard they aren't fighting any of these people (even fired ones) claiming unemployment. So if that says anything (especially about the fired ones).

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I experienced the same stringing along. They don’t have any money and they will probably never have any money. Delusional and grandiose ideas about digital technology but can’t afford even the most basic of capital investments into their archaic and neglected infrastructure. They need to be modernized and don’t have a clue as to how to go about that realization. I’m just glad that I got out of there. I had to use my personal mobile the entire time that I worked there.

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Even a couple years back the severance was a pittance, I lost several team members involuntarily who said all they got was about 2 weeks. If the news could do anything it would be great, but Westinghouse has a plenty of legal representation and I'm sure they do enough to cover their butts. My advice is to do what I did, take care of you and yours and get away from that company. There are good people and maybe someday things will get better. However, I spent years listening to the propaganda about riding it out in choppy waters at Jose's global meeting only to endure watching my friends and teammates being thrown off the side. Awful! The best thing I did was leaving.

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