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AT&T Outsources more and more...

So the not so brilliant decision to acquire DTV was costly. But arrogant Randall went after T-Mobil and failed. The Board must be asleep or they are getting rich and don’t care? So they approve Time Warner media acquisition. Costly? Well let’s get rid of some of the hard working employees. Not the ‘I know somebody and will be saved’ employee because those just get into another ‘safe’ group till the storm passes. And do no work. There are tons if employees doing no work, enjoying 35-45 years in the company and are being saved because if they go their supervisors get smaller organizations and get exposed, and so we scratch each others’ backs!! Oh but we still have a debt and 2019 goal to meet. So Jeff McCellfresh decides his bonus that is tied to this goal needs to be met. So slash off key resources by outsourcing them to IBM. No decision made on how the existing in progress projects will be impacted on the infamous Cost, Time, Speed mantra. Just shave off and show that he cut cost is how McCellfresh works. Don’t believe us? Then hopefully he will prove us wrong by not taking a bonus for three years- yes three! With the IBM outsourcing and as is typical with IBM, every project has a redone estimation. And one would think IBM rate would be less than ATT workforce rate but the cost has hit the fan. IBM typically estimates three times the cost that internal ATT estimation provides. So McCelfresh , you ain’t cutting costs. We have lost the battle and now, the war!! And three years bonus given up by you is our recommendation, remember? Now comes the TechMahindra outsourcing!! So no one who has been transitioned to TechM wants to work. Besides being upset, they now don’t care and don’t need to work hard to keep their ATT jobs!!! More cost!! High cost!! McCellfresh is so smart. The projects that were sailing along beautifully are ALL impacted and will k–l the projected Savings. Yes, put wool over our eyes by claiming that you are streamlining vendors! Be ready, everyone who makes a minuscule percentage of the unintelligent decision makers up there. Accenture And Amdocs are all set to eat up more ATT workforce. Oh this is the crowning glory of an arrogant and self promoting McCellfresh!! And hope he sleeps well when he gets no bonus for three years!! The rest of us ain’t!!!!

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