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New old positions!

Love how “eliminated” positions are renamed... and filled immediately with younger, less experienced/expensive talent. Zero experience? No problem! Doing the job of three is the norm.

Good job, Pearson. The sixth straight year of the same BS reorg madness.

Karma. Sharpening her claws as we speak.

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well they have gone from 40000 employees worlwide to 24000 so I would call that a deep cut. Then again a lot has been outsourced, no doubt in the end at higher cost and lower quality ...

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There are never truly eliminated positions at Pearson. I remember one year they claimed to lay off 100 people, but 75% of them remained at Pearon under a new job title- I think a total of around 20 at the end of they day were gone and mostly because they accepted a retirement package. And upper mgmt wonders why they have to regorg every year. Until they TRULY make deep cuts, which is unfortunate as you don't ever want to see people lose a job, they will continue down this path until they have no choice but to sell the company.

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