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It’s going to get worse, as people leave a lot quicker that scheduled

So...if a person is on an H1B visa, and looses their job, they have to find another job with an employer that will sponsor their visa, in a matter of days, or they have to leave the country. So...if a WU employee is on a visa, but was offered a package and has to stay for a few more months or a year to get the pile of cash, they ain’t gonna hang around for the pile of cash...and they aren’t really working hard either. They’re busy trying find another job with a company that will sponsor their visas. As soon as they find that job, they’ll be gone - forget the cash payout for hanging around. Staying in the US is more important to many of them than the cash payout. So not much is getting done while they are focused on finding another job, and forget about the “knowledge transfer” schedule as they quit a lot earlier than scheduled to go to their new jobs. This is what happens when the CEO, Hikmet, is so incompetent that he has to rely on inexperienced McKinsey consultants (over educated kids) to run the company. The company will only be a shell of its current self by the end of 2021. A “fin tech” company with no “tech”. 2020 will be horrendous as the IT systems will come to grinding halt - it’s already bad - they can’t do major deployments without rollbacks or hot fixes as it is.

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As a former IT employee of the Montvale, NJ office I agree with thew above. WU started to cut it own throat with the 2009 layoff. A 20% right-sizing of development staff,

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Agreed the morale in the office is so low that everyone is jumping ship even if they were not impacted. The company has been so stingy with promotions that most are fed up and get their own promotion by taking a job outside the company. Soon there will be no long term SME internal knowledge left and the offshore teams that are paid peanuts and can only do what they are told will runs the technology and business into the ground.

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