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Giant Eagle store AND pharmacy on multiple hated lists and and

How can you lose in customer service to stores who have a business model specifically not focuses on customer service to stay lean? It’s a joke.

The pharmacy - pretend to care about safety. 50% technician turnover because they are paying them $10 an hour to do an extremely taxing job. If you’re worried about safety - pay them more. Also, a pharmacy executives wife is allowed to “work from home” on administrative work as she is a pharmacy manager. Gets OT for it. No one else allowed to - heads would roll. Not surprising considering other pharmacists are sleeping with interns. Second blood pressure station refresh in 5 years - yeah.. people are going to come in for those!!

Pharmacists were stealing company time for years. No one did anything about it.

UPMC Health Care IT told me the pilot for the virtual urgent care was a FLOP.

But please invest in a tech hub to “recruit Silicon Valley talent” LOL!!!!!!! How near sighted. Those folks want to change the world - NOT work on a grocery website or app. This reminds me of when they invested in this state of the art speciality pharmacy in Moon. It was shining. All the bells and whistles. Closed in a few years. Walgreens specialty was doing more business in a month than GIant eagle was doing in a year.

Look at the writing on the wall - company will die. Soon.

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First, having a tech hub will not attract new/good talent. You can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. How about improving the work processes, the culture, adjust the attitudes, and improve the vision and have a strategy first.

Secondly, moving to a brand new building in a high rent district can’t be cheaper than maximizing the current work space.

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Can’t speak to the pharmacy portion, but the tech hub comment is spot on.

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