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New tactic - Make it unpleasant enough to get people to quit

The company does not want the reputation of doing regular layoffs. The new tactic is to make life unpleasant enough, for as many people as possible, to get as many to quit as possible. Now it's a layoff without being a layoff. Now only the people with the fewest hiring options will remain while the best and brightest leave. Watch out for this company, it is not good.

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Yes only competent and intelligent ones are left in company.
That’s life which runs not on facts but on fiction.
There is data to support it within.

There are so many cases where star performers since years are ill treated and biased to the extremes.
Any one interested on this list ?
Ask the management.
Means if it can happen to such it can happen to anyone.

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Nothing matters.
The stock is up.
Board is happy and customers.
Solid revenues.
No major competition.
Left over employees enjoying all of above

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I don't know for sure how things are now (I left a while back) but the new CEO (despite his statements to the contrary) clearly signaled his intention to stomp out the existing corporate culture by creating a new layer of management above the existing VPs and staffing it entirely with outside hires and management consultants. That was the beginning of the end for many longtime employees as far as I can tell.

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Isn’t the Nginx acquisition keeping some folks on board? Or is F5 keeping the two businesses separate?

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Does seem like the genuinely intelligent and competent folks are all leaving.

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Oh, I knew there was a reason why they went Agile.

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