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Caterpillar is no longer a great culture

I worked at Caterpillar over 10 years. The culture was outstanding and then global restructuring happened. The new CEO does not care about the culture, just the bottom line, which will deteriorate without the great culture.
The company doesn't even follow their own internal processes. They have a program/process where when you are laid off you are supposed to get priority placement for any open internal positions. They just bypassed the process to instead place their old boys network. I had an operations manager as a boss who had the worst metrics, all red. He deflected any responsibility and was promoted. This was after millions of dollars spent in overtime, priority shipping and late shipments to customers. I was separated during the restructuring and my boss never even said goodbye or acted like he cared in the least.
The culture is horrible now. I would avoid working at this company. It all seems great to work for a big name company but when the quarterly report is in question they will disgard you like the weekly garbage.

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C-level management needs to take a business ethics refresher course. From taking advice from disgraced Boeing CEO Muilenburg and relocating HQ to an overpriced Chicago suburb to FDIC raids to massive and largely unreported layoffs (only to backfill with inexperienced new hires,) this company is a shadow of the company I started with 20 years ago. What does Cat do best? Not machines. Restructuring, reorganizing, and consolidation.

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I resigned from Cat for that reason. I so agree. I loved this company and now it s—s so much I preferred to work somewhere else. Customers: don’t be blind! Your machines are not worth the price you pay them! Next gen is just a massive cost reduction program. Technologies is just a smoke screen to justify the higher price. Your machines are built in China and Japan. The Cat we loved is dead. Bring the old Cat back, and I’ll come back right away. But not like that. There is no ethics anymore in this company

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I must agree,in my opinion you're just a number at Caterpillar.
If you're related to management or an a– licker you'll go far,I've seen it many times.
If you're a good worker and take pride in you're work and also jump thru hoops whenever they ask it still won't be enough.
The problem with the company is they employ agency workers like I recently was.youre just cannon fodder when truck sales fall unless you're like I mentioned above.
Also,they cut corners with their quality,defective gearboxes and poor paint adhesion.
This is on the 745,740,and smaller dump trucks manufactured in Caterpillar Peterlee uk

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This company had toxic a culture now period!! The pay is awfully stagnant and top all off its in the middle of no where Peoria!

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