Thread regarding MetLife Inc. layoffs

Any news on more layoffs at MetLife?

There has been very little mention of more layoffs here - which would be great news if we didn't know for sure more is coming.

Has there been any info on when that might be? It's really nerve-wracking having to work with an ax hanging over our heads every single day...

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I believe that there are 86 employees in the Dallas P&C claims office. My understanding is that 17 casualty adjusters will be permitted to apply for their jobs and work remote from home. That's a career death sentence as MetLife does not allow you to post for promotions as a remote worker. At least they will have a job and can look for something better in the mean time.

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About how large is the Dallas P&C field claim office?

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Darla Finchum
Senior Vice President & Head of Property & Casualty
MetLife Auto & Home ®

As an organization, it is critical for us to maintain our strategic focus and seek opportunities that support Property & Casualty’s business transformation as a growth engine for MetLife. As such, we continuously review our organizational structure and the geographic locations of our offices to ensure operational efficiency and optimization of the service and experience we provide to our customers.

After much deliberation, we have made the hard decision to close the Dallas P&C field claim office, effective October 31, 2019. This decision is part of our UCI initiative and overall business strategy to strengthen the efficiencies of our claims organization.

I would like to thank all of our Dallas associates for their dedicated efforts and impact they have had on the P&C business over the years. As a team, we will work to make this process as seamless as possible for our associates and customers.

Thank you,

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@Frustrated: Perhaps the delay is that there is no job for her in Cary. On the other hand, maybe the plan was Marty's doing, and he's gone. Wish I could help.

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We've been waiting for 2 years now, for final word. We were told about 2 years ago that her job would be moving to Carey in 6 months. We started making arrangements, putting out house on the market, etc. Then we're told 2 months later that she wasn't moving. Then 6 months after that she was told that her job is definitely moving at the latest, the 3rd quarter of 2019. Guess what? Haven't heard a damn thing yet. Her boss has no idea either. The stress is unbelievable.

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If MetLife made its promised $1 billion in expense savings, the terminations will be a few at a time.
Beneath the publicity radar.

If MetLife didn't make the promised savings, expect more aggressive cuts.

Don't know much otherwise. Very Quiet.

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