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95000 deliveries.
High Q2 volume for Tesla Energy sector.

$400,000,000+ loss

This is what happens when your CEO is in over his head. He's not a CEO. Never has been, never will be. He simply retains a vain title. He is as clueless as the BOD. He's an intelligent id–t (half of the time) that happens to be a great engineering mgr, and a stellar engineer, especially when considering his formal education is insignificant.

No 3rd quarter profit. No 4th quarter profit, even if carbon credit payments come in from GM and Fiat-Chrysler.
I imagine Space X owes 10 billion in light of mandatory carbon credit purchase delenquency
They cook that ozone daily; call it Chem Trails X, not Space X
Oh...and I guarantee you we won't get a person onto Mars before 2050, to say nothing about a small colony.

Anyway, no margins on at least half of model 3's sold. No margins on solar panels. Elon continues to slash prices to be able to sell cars and energy solutions, yet still loses Tesla 1.3 billion in 2 quarters. Yes, 1.3 billion. The first quarter was a 925 million loss until carbon credits came to the rescue. Green fascism is keeping Tesla going? Nope, it's keeping Tesla from losing another $500,000,000 per year.

We will see a 1.7 billion dollar loss for the year
Untill Tesla charges all supercharger users $35 per charge, raises prices on the cheapest model 3's, and replaces profit margins on solar panels – while simultaneously enjoying above-average sales volume – Tesla will NEVER see an annual net profit, even as the Hypocrisy Coalition allows for Tesla to sell carbon credits as Tesla and 95% of it's customers desperately rely on coal and nuclear power to function concerning all things Tesla.

Somewhere between 12 and 14 billion dollars of Tesla debt is due by 2025.
It's all gotta be paid via cash.
By 2025, Tesla will accumulate an additional 9-10 billion in debt at this current 2019 cash burn rate.

It's all a shame when considering that all of the cars seem really tight, and the supercharger network is impressive, even if it is mostly carried by coal and nuclear power.

The old NUMMI plant is dynamite, and though there are a lot of lazy, incompetent, overpaid salaried, QC, and upper mgmt at Giga 1, and way too many employees otherwise, many are making it happen there in a big way with the battery packs and drive units, and the Energy people are special, from what I've witnessed

Grohmann and Maxwell are wondei acquisitions too

It's so hard to watch. So much potential being squandered because conceited, arrogant id–ts run the shows at all three factories.
Oh well, just try to enjoy the sh—show.

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Correct assment, the evil rich demon overlord Elon musk along with the spoiled rich B.O.D is full of liiars, decietful oppressive practices, and engaged in frequent wage-theft against workers, and horrible overpricing scams and abuse against customers. For example, just read up the recent news about remotely disabling autopilot feature on used cars. Totally no respect for customers, and very bad for its PR down the line, and good news for the competitors instead.

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