Thread regarding Forever 21 layoffs

Truth about the company - from the GA stores

If you follow the rules and are open about policies that are being broken, you wont be offered another position, they'll let you go. I have a recorded conversation of my lay off. I was told that the co-manager TITLE was being removed, if the title is no longer being acknowledged, why not offer a lesser role? BUT in other stores, they made up reasons to fire their lead of service just to make sure they're co-manager dropped down to an assistant. They fired a pregnant lead and these words came from the DM "she'll be on maternity leave anyway, so let her go". Let's not talk about how the lay-off paper was dated for the 7/14 but they let people go before then and didn't pay them for the remainder of the week! ALSO this holds up your opportunity to receive unemployment simply because of the date is wrong on your paper work... not to mention, the company hasn't removed anyone out of the system yet because they're trying to process all the layoffs at one time... that's what i was told by HR. So if you have PTO, you wont receive it until you're no longer in the system... there's more shady, fraudulent things going on but i'll start with this...

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Hi, I'm a reporter – are you willing to talk to me on background about some of this? My email is eronaldshann AT bloomberg DOT net

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