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Don't get complacent people, everything points to this being just the beginning... If you have a chance to leave on your own, now's the time to grab it. I already started looking, and I'll sure be leaving this place the first chance I get.

The future at Big Lots is definitely not bright, for anybody...

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Good For Youi! If I was younger (currently in my upper 60's), I would bail-out of this retail prison, where store management has NO say in their daily activities. Corporate controls EVERY movement we make...all day long, via "task manager" and an ever-increasing wad of weekly planograms. Why does Corporate feel a need to update sections like Kenney and Soft Window (to replace "slow-movers") 5 or 6 times per year now??? Do ANY of you know anyone who replaces their curtains (in their homes) more than maybe once or twice a year? ...and what about "store counts?" We can only do counts on NVO items, yet it is mainly Seasonal and Furniture items that Jennifers are ordering via BOPIS. Our computer "balance on hand" counts in these 2 categories are "off" almost 50% of the time, causing extra stress/work for us and Jennifer. What is Corporate's "answer" to this challenge?..."Oh, just contact "Inventory Control" and have them adjust your counts." NEWSFLASH: Our overworked/understaffed stores DON'T have time to be calling/emailing Seasonal and Furniture item counts to Inventory Control every day. My store finds AT LEAST a half-dozen incorrect "balance on hands" EVERY DAY! So, GREEDY Bruce and OVERPAID Board Members, you HAVE to SPEND a few bucks and a few corporate man-hours to FIX these inefficient situations. Your OBSESSION with the "bottom line" is hurting us...BIG TIME!

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STL here in the Midwest who is completely disgusted by the fact that they built a multi million dollar office in corporate and 6 months later cut all the hardworking dedicated employees and tell them over a cold telephone to turn in the keys and leave immediately. I'm a new GM position with another company and will kick the dust of "biglots" off my feet. Praying for everyone affected by the layoffs.

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