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To FNP Students at the South Unifraudaversity (Word to the Wise)

You know when something rings TRUE or is actually posted by a would-be Shillologist applying as a Ph.D candidate in Creative Fraud Writing from South Unifradaversity:

Fraud Sample #1: Posted by a Fraud Family Nurse Practitioner candidate 'Anonymous' slated to graduate in 2091.' ( That's right! No joke-2091) ATM out the WAZOO there!!!
'I have had nothing but a good experience with this university so far. The workload can be heavy; however, you get what you put in to it. Online programs are designed for motivated, self-driven professionals who want to advance their career. I would choose this school again.'
*So lets breakdown how the South University liars using their scam catch-phrases to ruin lives as follows: 'good far... you get what you put into it...) Interpretation: Need to pour a double dose of Pepto.
*And then there's the appeal to a student's desperate ego: '...programs are designed for the motivated...the workload can be heavy...(read only the strong survive)... self driven professionals...who want to advance their career...I would choose this school again...' The implication here is that DON'T EVEN BOTHER APPLYING to this fraudulent NP program at Scam University if you don't have the STRENGTH of CHARACTER to tough it out. BUT DON'T FORGET TO GIVE US YOUR LOAN PIN if you don't have any character, which we don't have either.

Now let's enter the realm of actual, documented and factual former student non-Fraudaversity critique that remains striking for its contrary POV and straightforward discussion to South University's well known low-down treachery.

Truthful Sample #1: Posted by 'Mandi' bailed Nurse Practitioner candidate (graduation 2018)???
'This school is a joke! The staff that is suppose to guide and assist you through the program is VERY RUDE. [as in awakening] The classes are self taught and you have to find your own clinical rotations [Preceptors]. And if you are unable to find locations that is your problem. As I was told by the regional coordinator it is my responsibility to find a preceptor not hers, even though I had called {sixty (preceptor) locations}. I am transferring schools. They care about money, not student success. Choose any school besides this one.
So Mandi how much $$$ did they unload from your loan ATM before you realized or were bluntly told that the Unifraudaversity had no relationships with Physicians or Nurse Practitioners in the community to assist you with 'the nuts and bolts' core of any non-fraudulent NP program?
You see Mandi, as you have belatedly discovered, the Fruadaversity never had and never will have that kind market relationship with physicians and nurse practitioners to provide 'Preceptorships' because reputable professionals do not want to touch/teach constantly shape shifting for profit students for free. You see it's a matter of trust and reputation neither of which South Fraudaversity has EVER given two sh–s about. So in the the 'Preceptorship' saturated medical community the Fraudaversity is considered with a wink of an eye a whispered joke. They had their chance but greed intervened and always at the NP's student expense. This I can only attribute to transactional sadism.
So South University really is that greedy despite the fact you were paying top dollar for a c-appy loan mill driven offal infested joke of an education. Yours is a tragedy and now you have what's called a tremendous 'sunk' investment in time and treasure having taken all the youtube misleading classroom, lead-on confidence sting inspired nonsense and left with nothing but loans to pay and nontransferable garbage credits.

  • So read some of the scam posters on this site and on the overall internet, perform your 'due diligence' and you will soon discover the caliber of low-lives who the Fraudaversity employs with your precious loan money to front for this joke of a WALL STREET VULTURE CAPITAL group that is a BLINKING NEON SIGN OF DISHONESTY while cynically calling itself the EDUCATION PRINCIPAL FOUNDATION, is almost beyond belief. (Triple that dose of Pepto)

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