Thread regarding Whiting Petroleum Corp. layoffs

Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered.

This is an old saying from Wall Street.

In a bull market, one with high oil prices, one can make money through prudent development and growth.

In a bear market, one with low oil prices, one can make money through cutting down on new drills, and through utilizing what they learned during the good years. Also by buying out distressed assets of the less fortunate.

There is a group that will lose money no matter what. The pigs.

The pigs are not willing to look at the truth. They say a well will make 1 million bbls when it will clearly only make 350,000. They will say a new well costs only $6.2 million when then know it will cost $8.0 million. They will tell please their managers when it means neglecting their subordinates. They will nod their heads instead of standing up for what is right. They will look at their paycheck, bonus, and stock grants, and believe they are the best thing ever.

We have been lead by pigs. We have become pigs. Don't be pigs.

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Good post, but I was one that stood up for what was right , Whiting always made money by making oil while you can but when they closed red tail and send these so called leaders to North Dakota that’s when things went from bad to worse, Flowing new wells back on 14 chokes for 20 days making 113 bobs oil a day and telling everyone how great they are , I dint listen to Denver I opened those wells and made money while we could and the reason I’m writing this is because now I’m one of the unemployed ones, so a lot of good it did me, Kids out there reading this just do what your boss says in corporate America now a day it’s all about s—ing up, no one care how good you are , how much you know, It doesn’t matter how bad you run a company into the ground you just get in front of everyone and Lie and tell everyone how great you are and they’ll believe and you’ll still have a job.

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