Thread regarding GlobalFoundries layoffs

Some Un-Glint survey questions

1) would you recommend GF to someone you despise ?

2) If you could come to GF everyday arriving and leaving any time you like and not having to do anything except cash and spend your check, would you stay at GF ?

3) if you notice coworkers are falsifying data and getting rewarded with spotlight awards and Globys, would you A) report them to ethics B) transfer to a different group C) leave the company

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They could get the same false results with google forms. Glint survey is a joke. My manager harasses us to complete it and we fear If we make her look bad she retaliates against us, no one believes its anonymous.

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Why do so many people come in late to work, the parking lot is only half full by 8AM?

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Management is as transparent as glass. Whatever they say is a lie, and the truth is likely the opposite of what was said.

My manager is alright. He came from outside IBM. The former IBMers should not be in management. They are no good, and are only in their positions because of the clique.

I think former IBM management is clueless as to why there is turnover. These guys, as were the IBM plants, are stuck in the '50s when it comes to organizational behavior. They just don't get it. Now TC and the top ranks probably know the Crown Prince is trying to divest himself of Global, so they don't care about turnover, only cutting costs and making the sale.

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  1. Of course.
  2. I am absolutely using them until I finish my degree, then I am out. One day this gravy train will run out of track.
  3. I don't care enough to do anything other than what I have to to keep myself out of trouble. I am a short-timer. Graduate next spring, and it's sayonara GF.
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Some more questions that Glint didn’t ask:

1 How transparent do you think management is? despite one GM showing a cofee cup in town hall to emphasize transparency.

2 Do you think your manager or VP deserves their position? Do you believe there is nepotism/ favoritism.

3 Do you think HR or upper management understands the cause of high attrition and cares about it?

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  1. YES
  2. Yes. Doing it now

3) Did nothing

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