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Layoffs were handled atrociously by Ellie Mae

Had Ellie Mae focused on their key priorities for the last 5 years (the core LOS) instead of bloating up the business with ridiculous add-ons that never worked, they would not have been in this situation to begin with.

The layoffs were a dumpster fire of an event. People had access cut off before they knew they were impacted. Sr. Leaders used it as an opportunity to get rid of anyone that questioned them in the past and made them feel threatened. No rhyme or reason to who was cut otherwise. All but two senior leaders stayed, thus ensuring the continuation of poor management which will reap poor results. If they really wanted a "new day" they would have dumped those at the top and really cleaned house in Product, Engineering and Customer Support. Thankfully CSG left (with her golden parachute, of course) as she was toxic and really enjoyed pitting people against each other. Those of us left behind are actively looking for new jobs.

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Well people are tenuring their resignation daily. Some emailing the whole company to say peace out and some that are putting in 6 weeks notice to leave. All in all the company is a shell of what it used to be. Ripe for a sell off from TB

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Heard there were some additional layoffs this week - can someone confirm?

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