Thread regarding FTD layoffs

Who is 'Gateway Mercury Holdings'?

Can't find any info about this guy

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In reading the comment about who the Nexus Capital big shot supposedly went to school with (have yet to check the links to get more info), wondering if it's this J Tabis? As in John Tabis, CEO of Bouqs?

"Shark Tank" passed on him.

"eliminating several layers of middlemen..."

Talk about Schumpeterian creative disruption and the process of disintermediation.

"It's so outdated" says John Tabis.

No kidding.

Wonder what the ultimate goal is? To flip the company at a bit of a profit somehow and then exit? They can't compete with these disruptors munching up market share plus 1-800-Flowers being lauded by the press all the time as a (still) publicly traded company.

Gotta wonder!

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I just noticed thecomment below about "plopper". That's a good one.

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This is a holding company of Nexus capital. The obviously see value in whatever sc-aps are left of FTD. If they keep the current executives, especially plopper, then they deserve to lose their 118 million dollar investment.

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they are the id–ts who purchased FTD lol!!!

what were they thinking smh

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