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Broadcom severance policy - Symantec employee asking

It looks like the acquisition of the Symantec enterprise business is going to happen. Due to my many years with Symantec I’d be looking at a severance of 5 months of my full OTE under Symantec’s policy. I’m trying to understand if Broadcom honors policies from the acquired company, or if they have some other policy.

I’m part of the US Sales org if that makes any difference to policies.


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Not related to topic at all...

I am a Blue Coat security products customer.

Blue Coat support = Superb
Symantec (bought Blue Coat a few years back) support = Just OK

Broadcom (just bought Symantec) = Utterly Abysmal. If their support just s—ed it would be a vast improvement.

I figure it's all due to so many Symantec (and former Blue Coats) bailing out, leaving nearly nobody of any worth.

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Do any UK employees or ex-employees know what severence Broadcom offer in the UK?

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Make sure you're at the front of the queue. There is nothing good about Broadcom, horrible company to work for if you're in sales. A good time to be working for Sophos et. Al, take your contacts and run.

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Let the Symantec hunger games begin !

Try to obtain an off cycle promotion to get better title and RSU under Broadcom

Burn vacation

Burn budgets

Order last minute Symantec swag

Toss colleagues under bus as needed


Start job searching now...Try to get on the day 1 term list for the pay out. Especially if your buyout is structured such day 1 term gets full RSU acceleration.

Full disclosure. I’m looking to leave , Broadcom is ok, but my manager dislikes me, work is total p–p–p

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It depends on the terms of the buyout. CA had specific terms in the buyout that Broadcom would honor the CA severance policy for one year post buyout and anyone let go in the first year would vest their stock. Broadcom policy is 2 weeks per year but had a lower cap than CA did.

The question for you might be who let’s you go Symantec or Broadcom. Broadcom runs very lean on sales, and since it’s a partial buyout Broadcom might not take the entire sales team from that unit.

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