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Old info proves a point

Florida Business Daily is using info from 2017-18 to promote South University.

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@10qq7zHW-7xxe 'Who hurt you?'

Forgot to add that it's also fraudulent to pose as a student especially when you're an employee of the South Unifraudaversity as well as a very unprofessional no-no to perpetrate identity fraud using a false persona. Any other intrapsychic questions, Dr. Freud?

*Students the above is just another example of how they clumsily pretend to be caring for your well being while taking you for the loan mill ride. Go to a reputable school and succeed and don't end up paying back money for the rest of your lives to line the pockets of Wall Street sociopaths. Simple as that.

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'Students Beware!!! Find a school that is not a failure factory and will actually support your career aspirations and not see you as a walking $$$ sign.'


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As a student, your point would be better taken without all the name calling, it’s not very professional

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Not saying I have 'the same data point(s)' only the more updated data point from a non fraudulent, reputable source. You see, push buttons aside, we are talking about two discrete sources of information. The first source is The "Florida Business Journal (FBJ) that makes unsubstantiated, questionable (not cited) claims that 'The South Fradaversity WPB enrolled 861 students in 2017-18, including 699 in undergraduate programs and 162 in graduate programs.'
The second source which was updated in May 21, 2019, from (CSC), (you could look this up but you haven't); unless you just want to continue to perpetuate a fraud and play stupid.
Nonetheless, in an effort to compare apples to apples (and to be more precise regarding sources), the (FB) published number of enrolled (699) undergraduates in 2017-2018, is not substantiated by the (FB) and do not make sense or equate in light of the collegescorecard (CSC) data when you compare and include this one (FB) (enrollee) data point for the the extended CSC time frame. But this deduction requires critical thinking and some reading skills usually missing with professional liars if there isn't a dishonest quick buck to be made off trusting people.
How so? In looking at CSC's 8 year reported (updated (2019) accounting of first time, full time, part time and transferred total number of all enrolled students, that number is 933. This number was aggregated (over 8 years) up to September 28, 21018 and reported on may 29, 2019.
So remarkably, in one red letter year, 2017-2018 and as unsubstantiatedly belched by The Florida Business Journal, the Fraudaversity enrolled at least 699 student undergraduates; if you include graduate students the comparative number is even more surreal.
Where did these unsubstantiated enrolled students come from? ( 933 students=8 year's aggregate per CCS vs. 699 students=one year's aggregate per FBJ ) That leaves only 233 enrolled divided by the prior seven years or 233 divided by 7 years= 33 targets.
You see despite the shape shifting, disingenuous game of twenty questions, the South Fradaversity fed (FBJ) data do not come close to adding up on the wide screen when evaluated over time. And as we know the fraudsters hate comparative longitudinal statistics. (makes them have to lie more for the ATM)
So if you still want the last updated info available, don't be a Fraudaversity employee and continue to boorishly ask for, still terrible, "lagging" unavailable 2018-2019 NCES info; or stupidly claim you can't find the updated 2018-2019 info in the dated but bogus (FBJ) Planted story; or the '@Friends of what are the 2018-2019 states cited here?' (still trying to figure which 'here' your crazy a– is referring to)
Bu, then again, if playing the joker is self enhancing in proving you are a unique loser among losers who enjoys playing with people's lives, YOU WIN!!! All push buttons aside.
Word to the wise:
Although being a skilled disingenuous wage clown may be highly valued at the failure factory, I would definitely leave it off the Eddie Haskell inspired resume. Unless, of course, laterally shape shifting from one discredited for-profit Wall Street owned failure factory to another is your disturbed, predatory borderline personality cup of tea. Go for it.

  • *Students Beware of these Liars. If you're considering signing on the dotted line? DON'T!!! If you already did? Get it back!
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Sorry to push your buttons man, I was just trying to clarify that the point was this paper is using old/ bad info and you said you have the same data point but more current? I was just hoping to see the 18-19 WPB grad stats reported here

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A Character Study
'Thanks @ Friends of, what are the 18-19 stats cited here? Not a shill just trying to put it together with you guys!' (Got the net? Go for it!)

'So they used the most recent information available? Kind of misleading.' (Misleading? South Unifradaversity misleading? (Not with reporting the SUO 3% graduation rate. It really speaks to excellence and luckily for you was updated on May 21, 21019

'Sorry man I just was hoping to get the 18-19 data cited in the article since collegescorecard updates more frequently that’s all!' (Cited in the article?) Ha! You mean the FBJ? And you "just was hoping?" Keep hoping. That way when your dog trainer handlers shutter the joint, stiff the students and you, you'll still have hope.

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Sorry man I just was hoping to get the 18-19 data cited in the article since collegescorecard updates more frequently that’s all!

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Wow. Thanks for your generous offer. When did you say you got out of the penitentiary?

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Thanks @ Friends of, what are the 18-19 stats cited here? Not a shill just trying to put it together with you guys!

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: @10qq7zHW-3pct
Incorrect Shillberto! The is updated a lot more often than 18 months and the enrollment numbers for the all the South Unifradaversities including SUO are all heading decisively, well, South.

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So they used the most recent information available? Kind of misleading

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As reported in the Florida 'fake news' Business Journal:
'About 79 percent of the 323 degrees and certificates handed out by South University-West Palm Beach in 2017-18 were to students in health professions and related programs, making them the most popular programs that year, according to the latest disclosure from the U.S. Department of Education....'
'The university enrolled 861 students for 2017-18, including 699 in undergraduate programs and 162 in graduate programs.'
> NOW FOR THE Unfake News <
All data and defining statements cited gleaned from (COLLEGESCORECARD.GOV)
Outcomes 8 Years After Attending are defined as follows: (ground rules)

  1. Percentages of students who graduated, transferred, are still enrolled, and withdrew from this institution within 8 years of entry. (2010-2018)
  2. This 8-year graduation rate is different from the [yearly reported] (OK) graduation rate shown above [which measures only first time full time students] and represents a shorter time period (1 year) and a more narrow group of students.
  3. Percentages may not add to 100% due to suppression and rounding. So—
    Outcomes After Attending 8 Years;

*Numbers cited below include all first time, full time and transferred-in students over an 8 year period. (that means ALL ENROLLED STUDENTS)

  1. That total number=933 total students of which 62% or 578.46 students dropped out
  2. 8% Transferred out or 74.64 students
  3. Therefore: 70% or 653 students of the original total cohort of 933 students left South University WPB over the prior 8 years recorded ( roughly 2010 to 2018 while an aggregate of 29% or 270.57 students graduated (2010-2018).

Now for the Fraud Denouement part: Per The Florida (monkey) Business Journal:
'The University enrolled 861 students for 2017-18, [alone], and [in but one year] to include 699 in undergraduate programs and 162 in graduate programs. [BUT THESE NUMBERS are NOT ACCOUNTED for as enrolled on ( ] in the 8 year outcome period of total students enrolled by the Fraudaversity which WOULD HAVE included the year of 2017-18.

  • Just makes you wonder how much $$$ The Florida 'puppet' shady Business Journal copped for propping up the South Fraudaversity in West Palm Beach. But it is Florida the "land of the scam" so, ho hum, monkey business as usual.

Students Beware!!! Find a school That is not a failure factory and will actually support your career aspirations and not see you as a walking $$$ sign.

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Thanks Dahn! What’s the 18-19 NCES data?

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