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Living through the change

Finding more layoffs around me of higher executive positions in management and above in the department I work in. Quite a few new hires and transfers in lately and having sounded the alarm last year when all of this news broke that we'd be needing more people immediately, vision of our company has unfolded as they saw it...but do not see it at the ground level front lines.

Reading the other post about the new CFO made me cry. We work so hard for this company, so darn hard. We are SLAMMED with accounts. Leadership is new, wants everything to be done faster all while not understanding the existing processes they are tasked with enforcing. Supporting new hires and transfers in questioning their environment before they understand stand and have worked in it. There are no adults in the room. I can tell you from the inside front line it is a MESS! Escalations abound, tenured talent taxed to the point of crying on calls asking for help In ways to get through just this one area. Leadership is not asking for input, they don't want to hear it and those that have left are looking back and laughing at us.

Let me say also to the poster who posted "ADP is not going anywhere". No sh–, everyone knows ADP is not going anywhere. But It is the direction we are going, if you can't tell the reason why everyone's here. You must be in sales where the plight to make money surpasses the need to support the individual doing the work. Hope you make club though, selling modules the client doesn't need based on functionality you know damn well doesn't exist in these systems just so competition doesn't sc-ap up the revenue. I could go on for HOURS here but just wanted to vent and say sorry to those who are no longer here, snap out of it to leadership that comes here to inflate their own egos against the facts listed here in spades, hang in there to those currently employed because there are those in the organization that still care deeply about the work they do and finally to grow up and step up to the whiney kids coming in expecting everything to be ha ded to them. There was a time when we built the information we now reference and you'll want to get on that ball and do the same.

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Thank you to the OP. Unfortunately, you are on target.

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