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As someone that was wrongfully let go a few years back, I sympathize with everyone. I’m sure if I was still there that I’d be one the ones getting a phone call. I gave years to company, blood, sweat and tears. I wasn’t until I was forced to find work elsewhere that I realized how fortunate I was to have to been pushed out the door. You realize there are better places, better people and opportunities to make more money and put your skills to better use. No more embarrassment when people ask you where you work. No more company acting like it’s a huge deal if they offer some full-time at some ridiculously low pay. No more days of running a store with just myself and another associate all day long. No more searching for a price for something that a customer found god knows where. No more customers opening food and eating in front of everyone, not paying like their own personal free buffet. No more customers doing the stand and spray technique on the bathroom walls.

You’ll find there is much better out there. There are employers is that will respect you and appreciate what you do. There are better friends and co-workers out there waiting to meet you. Big Lots is a dying company. Its debt far exceeds the company’s value. Poor management has turned a once great success story into a shell of its former self. Move on while you can. I promise everyone of you in time when you get settled somewhere else you’ll realize it was one the best things that ever happened to you.

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To Junk Lots, very well said. It actually sounds like I wrote this because I feel the exact same way! I didnt work there as long as you but I was laid off this summer being told that my position was eliminated, it was then replaced by the atlm. BS, just a way to make a higher salary go away and fill the same role with a much lower salary. Im not bitter, I came from another retailer so i knew that it didnt have to be such a terrible workplace. That is just how Big Lots runs, terribly. All the stuff that you said about workload, no payroll, and the terrible cusomters, accurate!!!!
What you are more accurate on is that there are much better, way much better places to work, where you will be valued and appreciated. No place is perfect or easy , but definetly better!!!!

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