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Layoffs in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

A few days ago, Citrix laid off what was left of the Order Management department in Switzerland. Several months before, Citrix laid off the remaining people from Finance at the Schaffhausen office. The Schaffhausen office has gone from being a vibrant EMEA headquarters to little more than a sales office. The company has been laying people off their in small numbers every six months or so since 2015.

It is rather clear that the products are below what the competition is offering and David Henshall and company are just trying to paper over the problems with constant cost cutting.

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They are/were moving this type of operations (and more) to the UK. Maybe now it will got to France or The Netherlands. Not really news. Schaffhausen has been closing slowly since 2015

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Agree. We have lost a lot of smart and talented people.
The decline as innovation company started at the same time Elliot Group entered.

Products are branded as cloud and upon renewal we sell the hybrid license (cloud rights) and then we present that to the market as cloud licenses...

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There were/are wonderful people in the Schaffhausen office and they will be dearly missed.
Unfortunately this is the state of Citrix going from an innovation company to something that is completely focused on the financial engineering and on-premise support renewal contracts .
With DH and the current ELT they are driving out all the smart people and laying off all the rest until it is just a sales company pandering used goods from 10 years ago.
There is no innovation left and the company does not care. The ELT is just lining their pockets by selling the same old stuff rebranded as something new.
Get out while you still can as your skills will become obsolete by the time the company finally dissolves in the next few quarters...

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