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Senior management needs to review how staff is treated here. Research Interviewers are under extreme pressure. If you do not commit to additional hours you are being held accountable. These are part time positions with no full benefits. Index numbers and quality requirements are continuously being held as a reason to terminate staff. New hires do not have an opportunity to learn.

The accountable is at a senior staff member position. I have been with this company as a retired corporate person for almost two years and have never witnessed the mismanagement as I see here.

David Kenny if you are listening, this company needs its loyal employees. Without them this company will continue to fail. Nielsen investors are watching.

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another ceo another round of cost cutting

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You are joking right? If you consider this more than a part time hourly paycheck you will be highly disappointed. Don’t bother to be a loyal employee because they could care less about the little people never have never will. If they cared about you part time employees would be able to buy into benefits ( even Wal-Mart does that) if they cared about you you would not be working in crowded dirty noisy conditions crammed in next to sick people who have to come to work sick because they have no benefits. Don’t even get me started on the lack of security presence as you walk to your car at night. Don’t worry though if you are laying in the parking lot...some guy three buildings away may or may not see you on his tv monitor! The people you work for are scared spitless for their cushy jobs and will continue to act the like the stepford wives led by call center Barbie who should have been shown the doors years ago.

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