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Writing was on the wall

I joined OD about 2yrs ago and left after 6months on the job. It was nerve wrecking on-boarding while at the same time watching people walk out to the parking lot with white/brown boxes. I recall CEO during mothly townhalls would call "AMZN" the evil empire and dared to compete with BSTBY. A complete laughable matter thinking CompuCom would leap OD into the mid SMB market. Let not even talk about the uncreative ideas in Texas repurposing stores for a "wWork" compete that is also not doing very well either.

OD is dated, bad colors, bad theme song and did everything Sears did demonstrating the lack creativity to reinvent. The board members are OLD, think OLD ways, are not dynamic and strangled the little life OD had to attempt a good fight. I personally feel procurement of CompuComm was friends knowing friends that wanted to cash out without a real purpose, which became evident when CC and OD were at each other's throats for almost year to agree on GTM strategy and pricing.

Sorry folks but we saw this coming years ahead (it's not fun to get laid off) but at the same time you have to realized the market where it was and where it is.

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I left almost 5 years ago when the writing was on the wall and Staples was trying to purchase OD. I had worked for Staples almost a decade before. I had already been through a merger with Staples in my past and didn't want to go through it again. It was crazy that Staples was the one to go under after the merger was didn't happen. The writing was on the walls back then. I was offered a corporate position with OD if I had stayed; declined and left.

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