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Like many employees and / or ex - employees, I’ve had my ups and downs with Citrix. No company is perfect. I was exposed to a toxic environment that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. However, the purpose of this forum is to help people - many of whom are friends, and future employees - by sharing information, dispelling / affirming rumors, asking questions, and offering input. I have no problem with that. But people who have nothing better to do than to malign the company by calling it sh-trix and put out false or misleading generalizations doesn’t serve well anyone, other than the misguided ego of the poster. All that does is raise anxiety levels of good people who are simply trying to make their way through what could be a difficult situation. Since that won’t stop, it’s up to the consumers of the posts to use their judgement and filter out information they may find useful from revenge influenced attacks on the company. I don’t agree with everything that Citrix did or does, but I have the freedom to make a choice about whether I want to continue associating myself with them.

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Citrix stopped being a friendly company when David took over. So I agree that we will see a larger turnover than before. If you think that Citrix is alone here I would quote my froends working in Microsoft, Vmware, Cisco, Oracle, HP, etc. who have it worse. Also Citrix has a lot of bloat in some areas, they are very middle heaby and I expect to see more middle managers, career directors and the like leave.

If you think about where the market is going, mose software manufacturers are trying to sell products without sales and marketing staff e.g. Office 365

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People are pushed out of the company on a weekly basis. I know at least 30-40 people in EMEA that has left in the last month's.

If we will se a mass layoff or not is unsure, but heads are already rolling. Furthermore I heard this will be the new company policy.. use and abuse. And after abuse make sure line manager is some @hole that harasses you out of the company.

If you are a new hire - make sure you have everything documented. Weekly reports, etc.

That's your business case for a package once the company has pointed you out garbage that can be disposed off.

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