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Every company in the US lays off anyone age 50 or above in the FIRST rounds to save money on medical costs. Welcome to the nightmare of being labeled a Baby Boomer during the reign of the Millennials. Experience does not matter anymore....cost efficiency and the bottom line rule.

You can read article after article that the age of 50, even 40, in some business cultures is too old to work. Not only are you a medical liability, you are no longer mentally capable of doing your job due to your slow, dulling mind, not to mention your education is insufficient and outdated for your position.

So, during the years when one needs their health insurance the most in their life, and when one deserves the stability of a job based upon the strength of knowledge and loyalty, the corporate world dislodges this age group , throws them out into a world of employment to fend for themselves resulting in eating up their penalized 401Ks immaturely while searching for jobs in their fields with the same pay scale that aren’t available to them any longer. And in the case with Conduent I’ve heard, 401Ks that aren’t even matched by Conduent. The end game results in being taking a position in a new field at a much, much lower rate and restarting their education system or finding a position in their field with a salary offer lower than when they started in the field.

You can only prove it if no one signs anything and all employees of the lay-off round gather to provide Demographics of the group.

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Never saw I single instance of age discrimination in my career here and I have been here a long time. Layoffs are tough and I have been involved with having to let good people go. No one likes to do this and it s—s. There are good people at this company that really care so if this has happened then it’s a shame. Not seen it at all though, it’s a big company though.

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Actually, regardless of the severance package you signed, if you can prove age discrimination you have a case. Remember, you can never sign away your right to sue. So that being said, how many people were over 50 that got laid off?

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Folks over the age of 50 getting whacked is nothing new. Its the way it is. If been there a while..too set in your ways. If upper mgmt, you make too much. If relatively new, low man goes. Yep, this will always be the case. Save your money, retire early.

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