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AVID Technology September 2019 Layoffs Again

They try to do it quietly and off the radar. That doesn’t work. Once again long term employees targeted to benefit the executive team and their self centered desire to cash in on big pay checks and stock options. You should be ashamed of yourselves. There are plenty of job openings. Why not move these people in to those positions. Zero class to target long tenured employees who have done so much and shown so much commitment to the organization. They earned and deserved their salaries. The pond scum management of this organization will show you the door. But not if you are one of those pets of the executive staff or some other level manager. One person with around 25 years of service and commitment to the organization had developed a serious health issue around 2 years ago. The thanks they received was being shown the door. The management at all levels of this organization stinks and smells. The higher you go up the management chain the worse the smell. You can smell the stink of the executive staff from over a mile away. They are certainly full of themselves. Someday you will also be shown the door. Until then it’s evident you will all continue to be the losers you all are and laugh every time it is pay day because you realize the amount of money you are paid for what you do is a total joke and disgrace. But hey, you can put more money in your own pockets by showing long term dedicated employees the door. You enjoy that power, think you are so important, and the organization could not survive without you. Please all leave so we can get responsible, competent and classy people in to those positions. Then we can start to work our way down the rest of the management chain.

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Regarding the e-staff and the majority of Avid management. It is fits that Avid spelled backwards is DIVA

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