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Kasper Rotstift Strikes Again!

10% of 5600 employees at Adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach might lose their jobs:

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The current CEO of the company Rotstift came from before joining adidas, said that he hopes he will not be compared with Rotstift - everybody hated Rotstift there also. A truly inspiring CEO...
Running for the oceans or faking that he learned being humble for the sake of PR does not build a character.
The statement from the other post, that people should start looking elsewhere for a better employer is correct, but we should not give up without a fight. The fact that they put pressure on the Works Council (that seems to be sleeping) should motivate people to start talking to lawyers - be smart!
Rumors of layoffs cause the share prices to increase, but you can already stop buying adidas products - share the word with the world, family, friends and stay smart.
And don't forget to live the three Cs : cause, case, court.

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I guess he doesn't read Harvard Business Review:

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LOL that nickname is so appropriate! For non-germans: Rotstift means red pen.
The success is adidas in the last few years was the legacy of former CEO Herbert Hainer.
Kasper Rotstift has done absolutely nothing except taking credit and cutting jobs. He is the most hated CEO ever and all values adidas stood for have been destroyed in only a few years. People hate coming to work now and look enviously at Puma across the road.

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