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FAA is a joke

Now they wanna point at Boeing for misleading them years ago but doesn’t that deny their obligation to actually do their job in the first place. I’m just saying, without FAA approval those planes would’ve never been up in the air. (I mean self certifying... Really???) Just seems like they need to admit they really messed up too. And Boeing should fire top execs and managers across the board if they wanna get past this. That would mean they would have to acknowledge their mistakes though...

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Nov. 10, 2021
FAA says Boeing is appointing people lacking expertise to oversee
Airplane Certification

The Federal Aviation Administration this summer found that Boeing had
appointed engineers to oversee airplane certification work on behalf of the
agency who lack the required technical expertise to properly oversee certification
work and often “are not meeting FAA expectations.”

An FAA letter of complaint to Boeing, the latest in a series this year
from the local office that oversees the jet-maker,
states that many of the Boeing safety appointees the agency interviewed
this summer did not meet the most basic of standards.
New rules are scheduled to take effect before year end that will require
every proposed appointee to be interviewed by the FAA and then either
approved or rejected by the agency.

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The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain The Boeing Company Model 737-8 and 737-9 airplanes. This AD was prompted by a report that during refueling of the right main tank, if there is a failure of the automatic shutoff system, the refueling panel does not provide the required indication that the automatic shutoff has failed. This AD requires installing a new fuel quantity processor unit (FQPU) and doing an FQPU software check. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products.

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FAA committee recommends shifting to gender-neutral language
Advisory Committee said the change could improve safety and diversity
in the industry.
Now the FAA is WOKE ---- Pathetic


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FAA is a Fraud

  • Federal watchdog blasts FAA over certification of Boeing jet

Federal Auditors Say
regulators in the U.S. didn’t understand a flight-control system that
played a role in two deadly crashes of a Boeing jet and must improve
their process for certifying new planes.

The Transportation Department’s inspector general said in a report
released Wednesday that the Federal Aviation Administration is grossly
incompetent and worst yet is in the back pocket of Boeing.
They also hasn’t taken enough steps to focus its oversight on high-risk
elements of new planes.

The Transportation Department auditors said in a 63-page report
that the FAA’s approval process doesn’t adequately deal with integrating
new technologies into existing planes, and that the federal overseers
did not understand Boeing’s assessment of the new system until after
the first crash.
The auditors also said FAA suffered from weak management and oversight.

The inspector general issued 14 recommendations to
“restore confidence in FAA’s certification process and ensure the highest
level of safety” in future passenger planes.

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What does this have to do with layoffs? You should go post this in the bash America forums. 😂🤣

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Maximus Aviation — Jan. 27, 2021
EASA Stops Accepting FAA's Certification
Of New U.S. Jets Until EASA Can Check Them Personally

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Judge Slams Steve ÐiՇkѕon, Head of The FAA for attempting to silence
Safety Issues by destroying the life’s of honest people.

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Boeing 737-8 Max will not return to service until all safety concerns
Are Addressed: CAAS

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) on Thursday (Dec 31)
has said
Neither the FAA nor Boeing is to be trusted in any way...

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November 20, 2020

  • As Max comes back, FAA faces its own reckoning

It’s not just Boeing's jet that needed repairs.
The U.S. aviation regulator accustomed to global deference
confronts a stunning turnabout.
Like Boeing No One Believes in the FAA

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, which approved what officials acknowledge was a flawed design implicated in two deadly Max crashes,
found itself facing criticism from regulators around the world for what they
knew was a flawed design yet they approved it for profit sake.
A stunning turnabout for an organization accustomed to global deference.

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Southwest, American pilots say new Boeing 737 Max manual
may lead to errors in emergencies

The union representing Southwest Airlines pilots said Monday that the FAA
should reduce the number of steps pilots must remember and carry out in
the type of emergency that occurred before both Max crashes.

The union said “error rates increase exponentially” with long checklists,
and pilots in a simulator “found it difficult to recall the steps in order.”

Pilots at American Airlines said that Max pilots should train for such an
emergency every two years, not every three years as the FAA proposes.

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OCTOBER 23, 2020
Boeing refusing to release documents on 737 Max crash in Ethiopia

Lawyers for relatives of Irish UN worker Mick Ryan, who was k–led in an
air crash in 2019, have accused Boeing of refusing to hand over relevant
documents and of dragging its feet in the case.
More than 18 months after 157 people were murdered by Boeing in the
Second Inevitable Max crashed, Ethiopia lawyers say they are still seeking important information.

“Boeing, thus far, has been less than forthcoming with information about
the events that led to the horrific tragedy,” aviation lawyers Steven Marks
and Kristina Infante of Podhurst Orseck law firm in Florida told the
Irish Examiner.

While Boeing has said it released millions of documents, lawyers say the
aircraft manufacturing company has been less than transparent.
“Boeing has dragged its feet in handing over relevant documents that reveal
what it knew about the fatal flaws in the Max,
when it knew about those flaws, and what it did about them,”
Said Mr. Marks and Ms. Infante.

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FAA; Boeing’s 737 Max Special Training In Detail

In short the training primarily focuses on turning MCAS off
Another bright idea from the Boeing Accounting Department
The same one that brought you MCAS

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(September 28, 2020)
House Bill Takes Aim at FAA’s Delegation to Boeing of Oversight

Propose certification reforms after Boeing’s fatal fraud is uncovered.

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09/22 /2020
The Union for FAA’s Safety Engineers
Is Urging more changes to Boeing 737 Max before it can fly again

A union representing FAA Airplane Safety Engineers
who work on certifying new aircraft called Monday for substantial upgrades
to the flight crew alerting systems and other changes on Boeing’s 737 Max
before the plane is allowed to attempt non lethal operation again.

The FAA’s own technical experts argue that fixing the flawed flight control
system that caused the two crashes is not enough and that Boeing must
also address the serious confusion that played out in both crashes.

(Exceptions Granted)
During the original certification of the 737 Max, Boeing successfully argued
to the FAA that the jet shouldn’t have to meet all the latest certification
requirements governing how c—pit warnings tell the pilots that something
is wrong.

In both those accidents, the stick shaker was going off warning that
the plane was slowing to a stall while at the same time an over-speed
warning indicated the plane was going too fast.

This is far to expensive to fix, an estimated $10 billion to correct this.
“So Just Live With It” — What could go wrong with a brand new plane?

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BREAKING FAA to begin key Boeing 737 MAX training review on
Monday at London Gatwick Airport a key milestone for the plane’s eventual
return to service.
Boeing’s proposed training for 737 MAX flight crews” and will include civil
aviation authorities and airline flight crews from the United States, Canada,
Brazil and the European Union.

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  • Globally No One Trusts The FAA or Boeing

Published August 28, 2020
No safety OK for Boeing Max 8 aircraft until all issues resolved, Garneau says

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says Boeing’s Max 8 aircraft won’t be
allowed to fly in Canadian skies until officials believe all safety concerns have
been addressed.

He said in a statement Friday that Transport Canada will work with its
American, European and Brazilian counterparts before giving the aircraft
a stamp of approval.

Transport Canada officials took part in test flights of the 737 Max 8 aircraft
in recent days and are analyzing the results before giving the thumbs-up to
proposed changes to the aircraft.

Now, the plane will be further tested in Vancouver starting Sept. 7
under an agreement between Boeing, the U.S. FAA
and Europe’s aviation safety regulator.

With a new round of test flights about to start, Garneau said he still
expects the FAA and the company to prove the aircraft is safe.

How do you prove a negative?

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  1. S. FAA proposes requiring key Boeing 737 MAX design changes

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday it is proposing requiring
four key Boeing 737 MAX design changes to address safety issues

The FAA said in a separate 96-page report released on Monday that it
has preliminarily determined that Boeing’s proposed changes to the unstable
737 MAX design, flight crew procedures and maintenance procedures might
effectively mitigate the airplane’s lethality

The changes are designed to prevent the erroneous activation of a key system
known as MCAS tied to both crashes, to alert pilots if two AOA sensors are
receiving conflicting data and to ensure flight crew can recognize and respond
to erroneous stabilizer movement.

Don’t fix the Max, Patch It and rename it, “POS Max”

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The FAA is culpable in Boeing’s mass murder of 346 men women and children–led-346-people-and-destroyed-boeings-reputation

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The FAA Issues a Fix for Boeing 737 MAX Wiring. It’s Progress.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a final rule about fixing
electrical wiring on Boeing 737 MAX jets. The news, while potentially jarring,
is actually progress.

Investors can be forgiven if they can’t keep track of all the issues facing
Boeing, Between the MAX and the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a lot
to digest. But Wednesday’s action from the FAA puts one of the many
outstanding Max issue to bed.
The FAA is reviewing a proposal for Air Bags to be installed on all Max aircraft

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  • FAA Outlines Reforms Planned in Wake of Boeing 737 Max Missteps

The agency is planning on updating regulations to require better internal
safety systems at plane makers and is reexamining how it assumes pilots
will react to failures, the agency said in a report to the Department of
Transportation Tuesday.

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Boeing workers may have hidden 737 Max simulator issues from FAA
Hundreds of employee emails and texts released by Boeing to Congress
paint a deeply disturbing picture of how the company apparently sought to
mislead federal regulators about simulators used to train pilots for its
embattled 737 Max jetliner. The Max has been grounded for nearly 10 months.
A flaw in the plane's software was a key factor in two crashes
that murdered 346people.

  • Kris Van Cleave reports on what's in the documents.
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April 30, 2020, 12:43 PM
FAA's d—son: National Airspace System is 'Open for Business'

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The Wall Street Journal / April 28, 2020 at 1:23 p.m. ET

  • Boeing Probed for Quality-Control Lapses on Max

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FAA Updates on Boeing 737 MAX

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Boeing Boss asked 'what does accountability mean' as he is grilled about
The Max Crashes

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FAA investigates drone that told New Yorkers to maintain social distancing
April 21, 2020,

The (FAA) is investigating a drone that flew over New York City’s East River
Promenade and encouraged pedestrians to maintain a distance of 6 feet,
the New York Post reports.

On April 5, CBS shared footage of a drone hovering over the water while
instructing pedestrians to follow the city’s social distancing guidelines.

“This is the anti-COVID-19 volunteer drone task force,”
The craft announces in the video.
“Please maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet.
Again, please maintain social distancing.
Please help stop the spread of this virus. Reduce the death toll and save lives.
For your own safety and your family’s safety, please maintain social distancing.
Thank you for your cooperation.
"We Are All In This Police State Together.”


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FAA To Order MAX Engine Cowl Component Upgrade
Sean Broderick April 17, 2020

The FAA plans to require Boeing 737 MAX operators to replace a
Poorly Designed engine-access door component with an updated version
after a mechanic was injured when one of the original parts failed.

A draft airworthiness directive published April 17 targets spring door-opening
system actuators that help to open engine fan cowl doors. The telescopic
assembly’s original design connects the spring-loaded actuator’s inner tube
with a bracket that uses epoxy and a pair of roll pins, the FAA explained.
The actuator stays spring-loaded even when it is extended while the cowl
door is open.

A mechanic changing one of the actuators was injured
when it “came apart with spring-propelled force,” the agency said.
It did not provide any other details on the incident.

“The FAA has determined that this design, together with spring preload,
caused these parts to break,” FAA said.

Boeing’s review of the part also found the original design obscured a
safety marker meant to alert technicians about the actuators when the
cowl doors are open.

Boeing supplier General Aerospace designed a new actuator,
and recommended in a November 2019 bulletin that 737-8 and 737-9
operators upgrade the part. The FAA’s proposed directive is based on
Boeing’s recommendation.

Launch Date for the New Max is expected to be March 2021

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Boeing on re-certifying the Max / Crickets
FAA on re-certifying the Max / Crickets
DOT on re-certifying the Max / Crickets
No news is Bad News

Maybe we could sell them for parts?

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Apr. 12 /2020 FAA Boiler Plate Bull $hit
Findings and Recommendations
10 Bullet Points

  1. Expansion of the FAA’s global engagement and influence (LAMO)
  1. Continued focus on th FAA’s innovation efforts to support new entrants

and the further implementation of performance-based regulations
(Psycho Babble)

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  • Boeing crews warned of misleading pitch

The FAA is cautioning pilots over the use of autopilot flight-director systems
In misleading pitch guidance from glide-slope
for 787 and 777– as well as the 747-400, 747-8, 757 and 767
Boeing crews warned of misleading pitch guidance from glide-slope

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Boeing deserves every negative story about them. That's what you get when half a– your jobs. The FAA has been in bed with Boeing for decades and they deserve to get the pipe up their butt too.

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FAA says 737 Max needs additional computer changes

As it works to get its grounded 737 Max back in the air,
Boeing on Wednesday 04/08/2020 said it's working with the FAA to
make two additional fixes to the airplane beyond the MCAS flight control
system,the updates are necessary before Boeing can win regulatory approval
to carry passengers again.

One issue, a possible fault in a flight control computer, could lead to a loss
of control from the horizontal stabilizer. The second could lead the autopilot
feature to potentially disengage during final approach.

While neither of the faults have ever been observed in flight,
the modifications will eliminate the possibility of them occurring,
Boeing said in a statement.

"Both modifications to the FCC software will be incorporated
at the same time," the statement said. "Our return to service estimate
remains the same at this time, as we work with our supplier to determine
when the software modifications will be complete."
{Still paying $9 an hour for software} I see

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Cuba flights suspended after petitions from Mayor Gimenez
to White House and FAA

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March 24 No word from the FAA but Boeing has lots to say
More Hot Air?

Boeing chief still sees mid-year return to service for 737 MAX

“We’re very close to the finish line,” Calhoun told CNBC of the plane
that has been grounded since two fatal crashes in five months. Boeing
has sought $60 billion in U.S. government loans for itself and the aerospace
industry. “There are a lot of options for us in the private markets etcetera,
but the credit markets have to be open,” Calhoun said, noting that Boeing
“has $15 billion in the bank.”

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Southwest´s maintenance record has faced scrutiny. In 2008, the FAA
proposed a $10.2 million fine against the airline for failing to conduct
Mandatory inspections for fatigue cracks on some of its planes.

Southwest, which is based in Dallas, settled the case by agreeing to pay
A $7.5 million civil penalty. / The airline denied the allegations.

Where do the proceeds from these bribes I mean fines go?
FAA / F-UP Again and Again {Typical Government}

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Airlines, however, seem unwilling to bet on the plane's expedited return.

Here's the complete history of the plane that's been grounded
since Flight 302
And Flight 610

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In a February 19 letter to Boeing, the (FAA) detailed multiple missteps
that airline crews had made in the December simulator sessions and said
additional tests are needed.

The test scenarios replicated failures similar to those in two fatal crashes.
An analysis of the results by FAA and regulators in other nations reviewing
revisions to the grounded jetliner may prompt “additional training
requirements pertaining to the aircraft",the letter said.

In other news an escapee from a Washington state psychiatric hospital
Has been posting obsessively about the Covid-19 pandemic.
Officials are optimistic that karma will apprehend the sycophant

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February 17, 2020
Trump cuts FAA budget as part of a more ‘targeted’ funding strategy,
but there was little else for aviation in his 2021 budget

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