Thread regarding Frontier Communications Corp. layoffs

Want to give thanks to Frontier

  • Thanks for the cuts in pay.
  • Thanks for all the orders we work but receive no credit.
  • -Thanks for all the excessive drivetime between tickets
  • Thanks for the lack of supplies and tools to perform our work.
  • Thanks for the broken "systems" we're forced to use even though they don't work
  • Thanks for the endless line of lying management
  • Thanks for blaming all of your failed ideas of the reps and techs
  • Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ride this company into the grave.

Good job Danny and fellow management for putting us in the dirt #university of Phoenix # micro management degree # clueless.....

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Verizon was the first to sell us down the river we made them what they are then they dumped us to Frontier after they s—ed the life out of us

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Sounds like CenturyLink.......

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Why not transfer to Verizon? I know several techs in the field that started from VZ to Frontier, are back with us and kept their seniority. The only lost their pension, I didn’t realize it was that horrible since Frontier took over. There’s at least 4 techs in our MD garage who transferred from Florida in the last two years.

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