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Quote: We Need Change

Set up an employee suggestion portal
Get more hours to the floors
Invest in ALL stores-
Review SM and DM performance and reduce layers.
Focus on training again- and have the SM more accountable- have the training performance be apart of their bonus structure- we know that’s what motivates them.
Be more uniform with policy, procedures and tasks.
Stop having DMs come into a store after the aisle map is set to rearrange things- be proactive not reactive!
Have coupons be able to be pulled up on the register by entering those phone numbers/emails.
Don’t allow regionals to override corporate mandates- sends a bad message to store management. If Corp comes out with a register guide don’t have the Midwest come out with another one that is more cluttered and back to the old bbb ways- and install queues to ALL stores. We know it works, just do it already!
Update the source and calendar systems. They are not designed to be helpful to the flow of work. And finding things on my source is not easy after a week or two of it posting. Corporate should be sending out a gate keeper that’s simpler for stores across the board to manage.
Scanners that work!
Radios that work!
An order online kiosk so customers can do it themselves if they want-!
Be more transparent.
Be smart about stockroom spaces in stores.
Better freight flow tactics- receivers should be Able to scan a pallet and have all cartons received. In all stores-
Better structure the store staff-

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Turn the A.C. on! Stores are too hot to want to work hard in!

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There's No Need To Repeat Yourselves! Bed Bath and Beyond Ignored You Just Fine The First Time. If You Listen Carefully, You Can Hear Bed Bath and Beyond NOT Caring. Sometimes You need to Distance Yourselves to see things Clearly.

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Yeah! Also, focus on in-store sales. The focus still seems to be ignore what we stock, and go to the Beyond store. That leaves customers wondering why they came into the store to do something they could have saved the trip and done at home. This leads to associates who just stand around, process orders, and lack the basic knowledge and skill to sell a simple coffee maker in person. If we are going to focus on only placing online orders in store, and we’re being told that in-store sales don’t count, why bother having the stores stacked to the ceiling with inventory? Because this is how we’ve always done it?

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