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Q32019 Town Hall - What they didn't say -> 11.3% improvement in GBD - Commercial ...down

Naturally Gail said nothing about the great improvements in GBD. Commercial's move to Digital in India and the Philippines did worse and they're dragging us down.

GBD (Government Business Division) is the money maker for Anthem and they're throwing the people who made it profitable away like garbage.

"The consensus mark for revenues in the Government business indicates an 11.3% improvement from the year-earlier reported figure. However, the company’s commercial business segment might have witnessed a dip in revenues. "

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What that article doesn't talk about is how many people are unsubscribing from their plans. Gee I wonder why that is? Couldn't possibly be the fact that it takes 3+ months to resolve provider/member issues! Maybe it's the fact that most claims are now being worked by overseas personnel who are poorly trained. I wonder what customers would think if they knew most of the claims were being worked by those who couldn't give a damn about them, while those of us who do care end up getting either laid off or RIF. But hey, maybe now Gail and company can get that diamond encrusted jet they so desperately need to survive while the rest of us wonder if well have a job in the next month, or year, or whatever. Don't bother giving anything to this company, they won't give you anything in return

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