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JP Morgan – Analyst

Got it. Thank you for that. And then maybe on the D&E margin ramp, some moving pieces there too. In the third quarter, top line fell, but margins expanded. So you got North America, it's challenging on the top line, but you're getting some progress where you're trying to go on the international side. For the fourth quarter, it seems like similar dynamics, but a little bit different more the international is helping you more given the year-end product sales, etc. Are we getting those moving parts correctly and then could you just give a little bit more of an update on how iCruise is fitting into that relatively what your expectations would have been say nine, 12 months ago?

Yeah, thanks, xxxx. I'll start with the second part of that question. The iCruise is really delivering what we had expected, though it is obviously some of the contracts we were targeting or have been won, but are moving a bit to the right. That said, the performance of the tool, very good, very excited about what it can do and coupled with EarthStar, for example, really is delivering on the technical promise that we had hoped.

So I expect, as I look through Q4 and into 2020 and beyond, the value of this suite of technology is going to be very impactful. In fact I'll just comment here that the World Oil Awards this week actually the best drilling technology was the EarthStar 3D Inversion, which is fantastic technology.

So to get back to progression, we kind of see a longer ramp on the recovery of that business, but all of the building blocks are in place and the technical approach is working and I see us winning the kind of contracts that I think are required to earn higher margins.

WoW! The Emperor Indeed has no clothes..

note...margins on earthstar are decreasing and Icruise successful...….pffft

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