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Tesla's History Repeating Itself

Surprising profits in Q3 that have "eerie similarities" to what we saw last year...seems like the next step is another tank of the stock and massive job cuts again. Get them CVs and resumes ready. We all know Musk is about to axe competent workers for more inexperienced, cheaper, and younger ones.

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This is just more proof that billionaires like Elon Musk are out-of-touch with reality spoiled rich brats who loves the top-to-bottom abuse, with no regards to ethics nor accountability nor even any decency,
It will be much better for everyone, if the sacked competent workers to group up and form a rival company to build better electrical vehicles with more respect for the customers, which shall then crush the corrupt Tesla and bankrupt that horrible greedy hoarding demon named "Elon musk".

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Edit: Musk bout to go hard on giga 1. I forgot he already fired any quality/competent worker already.

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If Elon fires salaried folks at Gigafactory 1, I guarantee you very few "competent" people will be of that sacked clique.

Every Tesla facility had been hit hard with firings except Gigafactory 1. There are many mgrs, QC, safety posers, office jockeys, and supes that need to go. It's demoralizing to be in most of their midsts, to say nothing about hearing their nonsense, or witnessing their uselessness..
It makes me want to vomit

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Elon, early q4

"You guys are fired"

Elon, late q4

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