Thread regarding Allscripts layoffs

Do all leaders need to go?

Would a complete wipe fresh of the leadership team help save this company?

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There is no way of saving this company. All positions were sent to Pune where the workers don’t care about the clients. They are also there just to collect a paycheck. Only hope is this company gets bought out and the c-ap systems they produce are sunset. If the clients were smart they would be looking to migrate to better and more advanced systems

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all true ~ feel bad for the customers left, they are will be getting no support for issues due to the lack of skills in the outsourcing.

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Allscripts is the same as other US companies shipping work offshore to save $. We can all "thank" our government and politicians and lobbyists for making corporations more important than than citizens.

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When management goes, they will s— any money that is left in the coffers. Their contracts protect their lifestyle. A change is needed but it is probably too late. We are likely on a sinking ship.

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Truth in response going to Pune was it for allscripts I was shown the door as a top performer made no difference. Clients are with epic.

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I worked in HIT in the Raleigh area for +20 years,
and left several years ago, when I got offered severance.
It was a no brainier, take the severance and exit the business.

Since that time, most of the people that I worked with,
have also left, and right now I would estimate that only
3% of the people that I worked with during my time there
are left, and I was told that they are holding on for severance.

IMHO, nothing can be done to save Allscripts.
They cut their own throats back in 2010,
when they merged with Eclipsys, and started to move
support over to Pune.

It has taken this long, for what many at that time believed
would eventually happen. Allscripts would loose clients
because of non-US based support,
and not having a viable suite of products to compete with
the 2 main companies in HIT, Epic and Cerner.

They could sell off some of their acquisitions,
which would do nothing but prolong the inevitable.

Good luck to all the hard working folks that are still there,
that they get out, before the end there arrives.

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