Thread regarding MGA Entertainment layoffs

Now we know something is going on here

If you post anything negative against this disreputable company, it immediately gets deleted.
If you try to respond to any of the previous posts they are deleted immediately. Anything negative associated with Mattel and praising MGA is upvoted. What are you doing?

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High five guys and gals! We Mattel employees hate Mattel also! Let both companies keep making surprise c-ap from the mid-2000’s while a 12 year old wipes the floor with both of them. Run to other industries while you can. Toys are dead. GLTA.

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The management in the boys department is so closed minded that if the manager doesn't think of the idea, it will never see development. It sad because the only other person to review the ideas is the owner who has the worst taste of all. If it's not totally obvious, he doesn't get it and it dies. No way to inspire the teams.

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Owner is a maniac. He hates MAT, but hires them for 9 months and then fires them. He is the second most pathetic billionaire in the world. I actually pity him and feel sorry for his team.

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Hello, newbie, glad you found this site.

Suggest you start with reading the site rules. They have few basic rules, like no cursing, naming names and throwing insults, but if mods catch you breaking it, they nuke your post and ban your IP from posting any further (can try overriding it by using VPN).
Can find rules at the bottom of the page, and I also recommend reading tagged posts here

Btw, in case you haven’t noticed, there are thousands of forums and millions of threads here, mostly no praises. Don’t think any company would be thrilled to read things written here. If MGA would be able to bribe it, so could Mattel or any other company, and there would be nothing left to post.

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