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How is a Humana layoff performed?

Maybe something has already been said on this subject, so forgive me if I missed it. How do they notify you? Who breaks the bad news, your direct manager, HR, oar are they both present. Do they make you sign the layoff paperwork right away? Do they escort you off the premises or is this done in a more civilized and humane way?

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We have someone laid off, who was not escorted off the property as a previous poster implies. He's still actively working during his 60 day transition period.

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In more recent times, if it is a large department layoff, they will schedule a mandatory conference call and inform them that way. If you are not a Work-At-Home employee, they escort you to your desk/office, watch what you load your "layoff" box and then follow you to your vehicle to give you the big send-off.
They are well-known for creating a department in order to get a big contract (State, Government) based on the requirements. They then "figure out" how to manage it while losing money, then within 3-5 years decide they can manage it with top heavy directors with no one to direct.

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