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TEN Years with Walmart!

10 years with this company.

Within the first 6 months i went from cashier to DM over grocery (when grocery was ALL of grocery, not split up 5 ways) i thought the company had potential to become a good career.

I learned as much as i could, managed as many areas as i could and even became a csm just so i could learn how to run the front end.

It took 2 months with this new system in place for me to step down.

Never had i moved backwards, a couple latteral moves but never down.

So now im a stocker.

Just like a new hire and nowhere to go because there arent any positions left to go to.

Before when you would start to get burned out there was always a department manager position somewhere in the store you could go to.

Not anymore.

Youre either a management or a grunt.

The best employees have all left the company because they were having to do 10 jobs at once and not having the satisfaction of being able to complete any of them.

The training new hires get is rediculous so none of them understand what to do or how the system works.

So the same mistakes keep getting made and more people who get it leave cuz theyre tired of being the ones having to fix it everyday on top of doing their own job.

I hope these real time statistics go to someone who sees the big picture and understands what it means.

At store level alot of the management shouldnt of become managers to begin with but they watch each others backs when it comes to corporate.

When my store gets a visit from someone higher up the managers are getting text messages from other stores letting them know who is coming, how many are coming, what they looked at, when they left their store and where theyre going next.

It gives management enough of a heads up to scramble everyone to those areas real quick to try and fix everything and make it look like everything is running smooth without problems.

Smoke and mirrors.

Higher ups dont get a realistic view of whats really happening or real problems with the store.

Management is just covering it all uo so they keeo their job but then problems continue to go unnoticed so they dont get fixed.

I filled out an application with a different company for the first time in 10 years.

Ive lost all faith in the company and all hope that it will get better.

Im hoping to be gone before they close for good and have to compete with everyone that will be looking for a job too.

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I'm in the health wellness side, vision. The way we are treated as opticians... It's bad. Everyone thinks we have it easy, I can't disagree, but compared to our managers. My manager doesn't have to do anything, she used pto most days because she earns it so fast. We make the sales and earn her her bonus and we get nothing out of it. We get yelled at and threatened to have our hours cut, while she sits in the back playing on her phone, s—ing up payroll when she makes double any of us. It hink vision center managers need to have minimum on their own sales. While I'm doing 200,000+ for the year and she's got maybe 1000 home office needs to question this c-ap and have them also earn their pay. If we are making all that money why aren't we getting some sort of bonus, no instead the managers in optical and this is everyone I've talked to are getting atleast a mimunim salary employees entire salary for that year as a bonus for doing what????? Half a– managing a team. We train ourselves, we ask other opticians in other centers, we read, we study, managers teach us to kiss a– when the market comes in.... That's about all.

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Who is the manager or contact for human Resources in bentonville?? Can someone please reply

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On an encouraging note, it appears the team concept they were working on for the DMs may be sc-apped. It's failing horribly at the Super Centers. It's designed more for the smaller format Neighborhood Market Stores. I stepped down, too this year. The expectations and duties of CSM are out of reach, whether staffing is good or not-which it isn't here currently. Much happier and adjusting to having less

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walmart makes money on everything they do. college is a joke now.

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Um, Walmart gives free college, so why haven't you attended and tried to better your position in life? Your career is in your hands. Stopped waiting on the world to give you a handout.

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Believe it or not, I can remember a time way back in the 80's when virtually all associates who had a couple of years in with the company were gung ho, dedicated employees who felt like they were an important part of something big. They were proud to work at Walmart and they were making pretty big money via their company funded profit sharing account that was wholly company funded and invested in WMT stock that was going up exponentially. They came to work ready to go and were treated as important partners. Times have sure changed.

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Walmart has had an eerie effect on people, over time; folks will stay on and try to persevere under conditions that most others, anywhere else, would've long before bailed on.

I know a guy right now, been there well over ten years, has tried repeatedly to get in the management program, keeps getting screwed—but they give him nibbles and crumbs. They'll make up hourly 'supervisor' positions like 'Telexon maintenence auditor' or 'Cart Pusher / People Greeter Assistant Liason', some stupid bullsh!t like that. And he KEEPS CHASING THAT ROTTEN CARROT. Right now he's a cap team lead..............but they've chopped his hours down to n o t h i n g.

And he's a lifer. Some peeps you can't reach. They bleed blue for Walmart, and the only way they're leaving is to be downsized or fired.

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You'd better either get used to it or quit because Walmart just stole the hatchet man John Furner from Sam's Club who gutted the business of employees and flushed morale down the toilet. He loves to cut payroll by any means possible.

You're screwed!

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I’m a 30 year associate, and retiring because of everything that’s going on also. Always loved Walmart and going to work but now it’s more of a chore. Have no qualms about it, I was in management for 21 years, but time to save my back and enjoy life at my age, I started when I was 37 years old. Let the young people have it now.

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Wow whoever wrote this post should be awarded a medal of courage. Love how you speak the truth and hold nothing back. Hooray for speaking the truth. God bless you. Wish I could have left a long time ago. Should have left along time ago.....but just kept holding on for things to get better.....better working conditions, better pay. Silly me. Should have know better . Now its 25+ years later and its almost time to retire. Go please go and get a better job, better pay, better benefits, work at a company that will appreciate you, respect you and where you aren't worked to death!! God bless!!

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Brilliant and wonderful post...seriously, you deserve an award or something for it!

Your remark about ''re either a management or a grunt' was spot-on, and serves as a very accurate metaphor for the current United States: You're either one of the One Percenters, or you're less than human; a modern day slave.

I'm very gld you're actively looking for a new career. You get it, you see the big picture. This company is running nothing but numbers games now, all levels of management are huddled together like dogs and covering each other's asses, NOBODY cares about quality, customer service or, basically, any of the core practices that built Walmart as big as it got. And yes, it's going to be a feeding frenzy as dozens of thousands of displaced workers suddenly flood the job market—so you're smart getting the jump on that.

Please keep us updated with your progress. It sounds like your attitude and work ethic are top rate, and I know you'll do just fine. :)

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