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Actions speak louder than words!!

Too funny. Heartbeat of the company. Come on! Who are you trying to fool? Typical retail BS!!! And how much payroll can you cut to make up the misses you talked about. Clearly, no vision or strategy. I have a strategy for you. Start cutting at the top. Cut executive perks, hey here is an idea...get rid of the executive teams and have them do everything by themselves. You know, like you are asking of your store mangers. What a joke!!!

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We get no support from rm’s up. It is left for us to do by ourselves. The HO doesn’t listen to our feedback. Store level employees are the ones that make the company run despite the obstacles our bosses put in the way.

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The actions of this company clearly shows how they feel about the “heartbeats” of this company. What a bunch of __________ (fill in the blank). I agree, actions need to start at the top. Trim the fat at the top and start feeding the hearts of this company nutritiously.

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And definitely not cropped tops!!!
No payroll for hours.
No staff.
Nothing changes.
Follett "steering" us into the retail toilet.
It's a known issue.

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Our budget is cut so bad. We don't have any team members for the month of November. Just the 3 key holders. December will be worse. Just got clothing that is ugly and overpriced. Got more clothing we were already overstocked and isn't selling. Replen we need not getting. I want to get a job as a buyer at the ivory tower. I know what the customers want and it's not raggedy hoodies. Get a clue!!

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