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This goes out to the 35–50 yr. olds:
Many of us in that bracket don't really contemplate being ready for retirement. It's kinda like watered-down mortality; yeah, you know it's gonna happen, but who seriously wants to dwell on it? age 55, I'm here to tell you: Time flies by faster than sh!t through the proverbial goose! And in my sweetest of dreams, it ain't gon be just about cashing out at 67 for full S.S. (cuz that ain't gonna be there for my generation, let alone yours), it's more like hittin 62, MAX, and being set up where I CAN retire, but don't necessarilly do it.
So, what I've been focusing hard on these paast few years is, Roth IRAs. Traditionals. Mutuals. A N Y T H I N G to make me some paper. –Plus, stashing as much cash aside, off the grid, un taxable, un discoverable, judgement-proof gangster rolls I can rely on, should everything else go south.

My advice? Do thoust likewise. I knew some old guys working for Walmart who told me in great, bitter length how they wished they'd set themselves up better, years before. Christ. One dude was full time there—and delivering pizzas in the hood at night. He was 72!

Be prepared for retirement.

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OP here. I'd some how forgot to mention: I also LOAD UP THAT 401K. If your company has a good plan, and most do, set aside what ever cash you can live on in lieu of maxing out your % contributions—and watch that money come in!
And cash money savings come in a ll sorts of ways. Save that change! Roll up them coins, save em up, cash em in. I average 7–$900 /yr just in that alone. The main reason people don't save better is because it's a tedious process that we don't wanna bother with. But once you turn it into a thoughtless habit, all you see is the MONEY you're getting!

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AMEN!!!! I'm in my early 30s, been putting cash money away like crazy for years. I don't trust our government for Sh–! And as far as retirement plans, like 401ks and stuff, look what's happening with everybody's info getting leaked, and these stock managers swindling people out of there life savings. I'm doing some investing, but by no means is ALL my money going in that direction.

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