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Watch for the signs, be prepared

  • Today in the internal All Hands with the CEO - the CEO did not deny any massive layoff claims, in fact suggesting at one point "that times ahead will be dificult" - in the sense of reducing number of "human" resources;
  • There are rumours circulating across all 3 main hubs (HZO, AMS and ZGZ) that the VP of IT web&mobile, Robert Schultz is set to leave the company soon. If this is openly denied - depending on how it's denied, then there's reason for alarm - since the same group of people denied about the creation of Bogota and Gurgaon new tech hubs days before Fumbi's anouncement of it;
  • Leadership across 3 hubs, and more specifically for one of the tech hubs, had to decide between freezing all IT headcounts for their hub and porting them to Bogota/Gurgaon or layoffs in their tech hub;
  • Any hiring, promotion, or change of level for any of current IT/Digital headcounts in at least one of the tech hubs is completely frozen for half a dozen weeks (or more) - to a point where recruiters and interviewers are "interviewing in blank" fully knowing they can't make any hiring decision in the end;
  • There will be a reduction of IT Recruitment personnel in one of the tech hubs(possibly all of them), with an expected forced departure of more than half of the current tech recruiters by the end of the year;
  • The number of people mentioned by Fumbi and her "HR" colleague during the fiasco "fire simlation future of it" update, the 51 people in Herzo set for "transfer/adaptation", is just a first wave, this was not clear nor was it properly mentioned - that it'll be in waves and there's a long term plan to port everything over to Bogota/Gurgaon
  • There are public documents available inside the intranet that sketch plans for moving of colleagues within some of the higher up IT departments across the 3 main tech hubs to Bogota/Gurgaon.

Protect yourself, don't panic, be prepared. All of the previous information might not be 100% on spot, but there's already reason for alarm due to lack of transparency, or "fake" transparency.

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There is enough info available in different sharepoints on the intranet to understand that this is only the beginning and 2020 will come with even bigger layoffs, all in waves. Whoever felt like they got away this time, don’t think it is the end and do not think you are safe! What is sad is that people that contribute to all these layoffs will also be eventually laid off and they do not realize it.

Fact is that this is done in waves so that it does not raise any suspicions and keeps the media quiet, because the Herzo area will be hit hard and the whole region will be impacted starting from rent and housing prices to small businesses.

Something must be rotten in the state of Denmark, so lawyer up people and live the three Cs - cause, case, court!

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