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More layoffs coming up soon for 2020

One poster mentioned that there will probably be no more layoffs coming up soon for 2020. I tend to believe this coz most of the long time associates left behind are left with the impossible task of maintaining the various Anthem systems by themselves with Legato resources who basically knows nothing about the systems they are supposed to support. With all the subject matter experts gone, the ones left behind I believe are being set up to fail to perhaps give Anthem reasons to just fire them so Anthem won’t have to pay any severance anymore. Please feel free to comment on this if you feel different.

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Unfortunately Anthem have embraced the sad approach of Outsourcing their associates with low-cost less talented resources which had been detrimental to American associates like myself who had been loyal to this company for so many years. All throughout my stay here in Anthem, I have seen the company systematically replace their workforce by Legato or worst shipped the work offshore in India or the Philippines. For the few lucky or unlucky ones left still to manage IT systems like myself, good luck to us all coz I really don’t know how much longer we can hold on.

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This isn’t just an IT issue, it’s happening across depts. A real brain drain with incompetent, inappropriate people put in charge. Getting worse each week, can’t get answers to anything, work gets stalled, really circling the drain at this point

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