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Reorg and layoffs

They haven't decided to totally cut off all funds to R&D yet and we still have a large Seagate Research group funding all kinds of pet projects and stuff. Once I see that cut I'll have to admit, they are going to cash flow it all the way down. I have heard there is a giant EDS re-org and layoff coming.

Any more info on this supposed EDS reorg?

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5 to 10M per quarter in innovation R and D solves 3 issues:

  1. Gets investors into thinking there is a future in HDD
  2. CEO gets to have pet projects worked on
  3. CEO and other senior execs keeps their friends employed. There is a lot of this in general and just look at the CEO s direct reports who are incompetent and this fit into this category.
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The Singapore Shugart Design Centre Research group leads by Barish is a joke!!!😂

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